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I love these bars! - 

"I love these bars! Thanks again guys, great service, amazing quality!

- Shelly M., Tennessee

Magnum Bumpers & Rocker Armor - 

"I have put the Magnum front and rear bumpers on as well as the Rocker Armor. I love the products. They look awesome; were very easy to install and well-priced." 

- Ryan H., Provo, Utah


Awesome Bumpers! - 

"I put these bumpers on my truck in an afternoon in my garage. I found the instructions very straight forward and easy to follow. The brackets were a perfect fit and the bumpers bolted up with ease, it took longer to remove the stock bumpers than it did to bolt up and align the new ones! Awesome bumpers I will be buying some for my other trucks for sure!" 

- Jason, Texas

Happy After Wreck - 

"A couple of weeks ago I ran into another vehicle when they hit a vehicle in front of me. The insurance company valued the damage at over $1,700 worth of damage. So instead of going back to factory, I decided to take the money and invest in the ICI upgrade. It was actually cheaper in the long run to replace the bumper with another factory one. Since the ICI bumper is already black I did not have to have it body worked or painted to match the truck, less labor saving money and time. Also the ICI bumper replaces over a dozen factory parts, including the visible bumper, skid plate, top valance and bumper valance. Adding all of those parts up cost more than the ICI bumper I chose. It was stupid not to upgrade. Total labor on the install was 2 hours for the bumper, way cheaper than replacing everything back to factory. Even after adding the extra redlining for the side flares I am still cheaper than going back to factory minus the new lights which I would have wanted anyway. I wanted one of your bumpers before, the accident just sped up my timelines, it was amazing to think that such a better bumper was actually cheaper in the long run than restoring back to factory." 

- Mike, Alabama

WOW! WOW! WOW! That is all I can say, looks so awesome! - 

"It’s not a bumper, it’s a piece of art work. You guys ROCK. I can’t say enough on the quality and workmanship that ICI does. You all take pride in what you do and it shows. I wish I could work at ICI because the pride shows and I like that. Purchased ICI Magnum Bumpers (front and rear)."

- Randy C., Phoenix, AZ

Best looking bumpers! -

"I have never received so many complements on my truck until after I installed ICI's Magnum bumpers on my truck. Their new RT series light bar is the best looking bumper on the market today. Besides having an installation video on how to install the bumper, the installation instructions were easy to understand. Everything was included to install the bumpers, but needed help getting the bumpers on. Overall great price, excellent quality, excellent appearance, and easy install."

- Ken H., Fort Collins, Colorado