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What is Magnum Truck Gear?
Designed and built in the USA from the finest quality materials available, Magnum Truck Gear is the premier brand of truck accessories from the industry leading, automotive aftermarket manufacturer, Innovative Creations, Inc. (ICI). ICI has been manufacturing premium automotive accessories for over 30 years (ABOUT US).


Why should you choose Magnum Truck Gear

In a nutshell, Magnum Truck Gear gives you superior quality, smart design and good looks.

Here are the facts:

  Magnum Truck Gear products are designed around the factory body so you can enjoy an OEM fit!

Magnum Truck Gear products offer protection for your truck.

Magnum Truck Gear products install easily – no drilling required!

Magnum Truck Gear products are manufactured from the finest quality materials available.

Additional steps are taken to ensure the precise fit, high quality performance, and your satisfaction.

The finish on Magnum branded products is corrosion-resistant.

Magnum branded products have a limited lifetime warranty. 

Magnum branded products are made in the USA!

Want to know more? 

Read on for details on what makes Magnum branded products the best that money can buy!


Magnum branded products are handcrafted in the U.S.A. from heavy duty, cold rolled steel. The internal structure and mounting brackets are also made from steel. ICI chooses this premium material for Magnum branded products because it is light in weight, yet provides heavy duty function. 

The manufacturing process starts with sheets of steel placed on a high-definition CNC cutting machine. This machine precisely cuts all of the steel components that will eventually become Magnum Bumpers, RT Steps, Light Mounts and more. 


Magnum branded products are finished with a unique, proprietary, three-stage powder coating process that resists corrosion. All powder coating is done in-house at the ICI Arizona plant to ensure the best quality finish. Before the products are assembled, the surface of each steel component is machine smoothed and sanded, yielding better adhesion of the coatings. 

After the products are assembled, they are placed in a booth where they are sandblasted to create the smoothest surface possible. Next, the products are dipped in a special degreasing and cleaning solution – ICI is the only manufacturer in the bumper industry to take this extra step! The products are completely submerged to remove any fine particulates. The solution also seals the steel to protect against corrosion. 

After submersion, the product cures for a minimum of 24 hours. Once cured, the product is coated with a specially designed zinc-based primer. The product, with primer, is once again allowed to cure. Once cured, the product is ready for the final stage of the coating process. It is sprayed with a premium Sherwin Williams Raven Texture 1 powder coat. The result is a beautiful matte black finish.

ICI is the only bumper manufacturer using this three-stage system. It is just one of the reasons Magnum branded products carry an industry leading warranty!


Starting with the design phase, ICI’s team of experienced engineers carefully designs each Magnum branded product to complement each vehicle’s styling and follow its factory body lines. Special attention to detail is paid along the way. For instance, when ICI designs Magnum Bumpers, they make every effort to make them compatible with factory features such as back-up and parking sensors, trailer hitches, exhaust, and more. 

After design, each product goes through several prototyping phases to ensure the best possible fit. The products must meet several design criteria before they can move into production. During the production phase, ICI uses a strict quality control system to make sure that the product you receive is truly the best money can buy! Each product is accompanied by what is called a “toe tag”. At each quality control checkpoint, every employee who has a hand in crafting your Magnum branded product, will sign the toe tag. Their signature assures you they are standing behind their work! 

Once complete, each Magnum branded product is then shipped to you in custom designed packaging to protect against damage that can occur during shipping. CLICK HERE to shop Magnum Truck Gear.

Want to know even more? Check out the details of our popular Magnum Bumpers and RT Steps below.

Magnum Bumper Features


ICI offers built-in winch mounts on most Magnum Bumpers (some light duty vehicles may not have winch option). Winch mounts are designed for standard 4½” x 10” bolt pattern winches. All Magnum Bumpers utilize a foot-forward mounting method. This is the most secure way to mount and utilize a winch. ICI’s winch-ready bumpers come with a filler plate to cover the hole when a winch is not in use. 


ICI offers several styles of Magnum Front Bumpers. Choose from grille guards or light mounts, including the patent pending RT-Series Light bar option, the pre-runner light bar option, or grille guard option (not all options are available on all models). All light bar/grille guard options come pre-drilled to accept aftermarket lights. 


Magnum Bumpers have a variety of tow hook configurations. Depending on the truck, the Magnum Bumper may come with integrated shackle mounts, a spot for a hitch link, or retain factory tow hooks. 


Magnum Bumpers come standard with built-in tabs for lights. Magnum Bumpers are compatible with lights from most major brands, and are designed to accept 4” round or square lights, depending on application. The light bar/grille guard options come pre-drilled so you can mount additional lighting (maximum 20” light bar). 


Magnum Bumpers (front and rear) are available with parking sensors whenever possible. ICI designs the Magnum Bumpers for an easy sensor installation – you simply remove the sensor from the factory bumper, and insert directly into the Magnum Bumper. Recalibration of the sensors is not required. Magnum Bumpers are also compatible with cross-traffic sensors and were the first aftermarket bumper brand to be compatible with them! 


ICI offers accessories for its Magnum Bumper line, including skid plates, receiver hitches, license plate lights, and more. CLICK HERE to shop accessories. 


Front Bumper  

125 – 250 lbs. (depending on winch & grille guard options)

Rear Bumper   

60 – 75 lbs. 


Each Magnum Bumper is delivered in a custom-built crate. The bumpers are wrapped completely in foam, and then securely strapped to the crate, preventing any movement or damage during delivery. ICI is one of the few manufacturers to take such extreme care for packaging. Plus, shipping is FREE! 


Magnum Bumpers are protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. CLICK HERE to shop Magnum Bumpers now!

Magnum RT Steps Features


Magnum RT Steps fit flush to the body of your truck, providing protection against rocks and other debris.


The mounting brackets on Magnum RT Steps are twice the strength of standard mounting brackets. The wide steps make for easy entry & exit. The non-slip step plates are removable so you can clean, replace or paint them. The step plates are slotted so rain, snow and mud won’t collect.


45 – 90 lbs. (depending on truck application)


Each set of Magnum RT Steps is delivered in a securely packed box. The steps are wrapped and strapped in place limiting movement and risk of damage during delivery. ICI is one of the few manufacturers to take such extreme care for packaging. Plus, shipping is FREE! 


Magnum RT Steps are protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. CLICK HERE to shop Magnum RT Steps now!