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OFFGRID Outdoor Gear Extreme Ice Coolers

OFFGRID Outdoor Gear
Part #:RAP-100000-112900
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Price: $302.99
  • 19W x 19H x 27L
  • Weighs 33 lbs
  • Holds 48 - 12oz cans
  • Holds 33lbs of ice
  • Bearclaw lock plate with bottle opener included
  • Easy grip, nylon reinforced rope handles for added durability
  • Enhanced drain design with garden hose adapter
  • Bulked up rubber latch with rust free aluminum fasteners
  • Zeroskid feet for stability when hauling
  • 3-in-1 lid with no-slip platform, cutting board antibacterial surface and measuring ruler

Leave nothing to chance with the OFFGRID 50L Cold Extreme Ice Cooler. Our premium grade cooler blows other competitors out of the water with a long list of features you just won’t find anywhere else! This features Durocold technology and a patented RotoMold Design that is thermodynamically designed to hold ice longer. It keeps ice for 10 days on average and up to 22 days in some conditions thanks to optimal density insulations where it matters the most! The cooler is durable to the very core and virtually indestructible. Each cooler features slots on each side for tie-down straps to keep your cooler from sliding around in the back of your truck or boat. The durable rubber anchor latches are augmented with steel reinforced padlock holes at both front corners.

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