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CURT Hitch Lock

Curt Manufacturing
Part #:CUR-23020
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  • Choose the appropriate pin diameter for your receiver tube: 1/2" diameter pin fits 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" tubes, while 5/8" diameter pin fits 2", 2-1/2", or 3" tubes
  • Easy-to-operate, 1/4-turn lock activation
  • Watertight dust cap prevents internal corrosion
  • Constructions are based on application: high-strength steel for reliable security or stainless steel for lasting rust resistance
  • Choose from three styles: Deadbolt, Right-angle with swivel, or Barbell.
  • Protected by a durable chrome-plated finish, stainless steel finish, or black finish depending on application.
  • Some applications include a 5/8" adapter sleeve that allows mounting in 2" x 2" receiver tubes
  • Includes two keys for added convenience
  • Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)

Make your tow vehicle and trailer more secure by keeping them locked up tight with a CURT hitch lock. Like a hitch pin and clip, a hitch lock is designed to insert into the fastener hole in the side of a receiver tube in order to hold a ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory in place. While a CURT hitch pin does offer sufficient strength for keeping your ball mount firmly attached, a CURT hitch lock goes one step further. CURT hitch locks allow you to lock your ball mount into your trailer hitch, deterring theft and preventing anyone from detaching your trailer at the ball mount and towing away your property without your permission. This CURT hitch lock comes in various designs to fit different receiver tube sizes.

CURT deadbolt hitch locks have a solid, square-shaped lock mechanism and a bent handle for easier gripping. They are key-operated and activate with a simple 1/4-turn. They also come with a watertight dust cap to keep out the elements and prevent corrosion. For the ultimate in towing security, a hitch lock and coupler lock used together will provide security at both the vehicle-side and trailer-side of your towing setup. For your boat, ATV, or camper, keep your toys more secure with CURT hitch locks.

CURT barbell hitch locks feature a round locking mechanism with two end caps for added security. They are key-operated and activate with a simple 1/4-turn. Watertight dust caps are included to keep out the elements and prevent corrosion. These hitch locks are available in different sizes to fit various receiver tube sizes, providing enhanced security for your towing setup. Use a hitch lock and coupler lock together to ensure comprehensive protection for your tow vehicle and trailer.

For your convenience, some CURT hitch locks come with adapter sleeves to fit multiple receiver tube sizes. These locks are designed with a right-angle or barbell design, providing easy access to the keyhole. Their key-operated mechanism activates with a simple 1/4-turn. They also feature watertight dust caps to maintain their integrity and prevent corrosion. When used in combination with a coupler lock, CURT hitch locks offer complete security for both your vehicle-side and trailer-side towing components.

Ensure your towing setup's security with CURT hitch locks. Whether you have a boat, ATV, camper, or other trailer, these hitch locks provide peace of mind by preventing unauthorized access to your ball mount and deterring theft. Choose the right design and size to match your receiver tube, and keep your valuable equipment protected during every journey.

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